Stylish stationery gifts for a creative Christmas

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It’s fair to say we’re more than a little obsessed with stationery.

But, then again, who isn’t? Right?

The only thing that can match the feel of a beautiful, ergonomically-designed fountain pen in your hand is having a drop-dead gorgeous notebook to use it in or a stylish place to store them both.

In this (and our next post) we’ll hand-pick the best stationery gifts for Christmas this year.


Take a look at our stylish stationery range, or read on for some inspiration.


Stylish stationery, designer homewares and even more lovely stationery

Luxury gift #1


To be honest, once you’ve written with this pen you will never want to use anything else.

The Kaweco Brass Sport fountain pen just feels so right in your hand– and it looks so distinctive as well.

It’s small and easy to carry.

Combining durable solid brass with an elegant simplicity, this is a pen destined to never go out of style.

Its octagonal shape helps aid a firm grip and it carries just the right amount of weight to give it a reassuring presence in your hand.

And over time this pen’s raw brass will gradually weather according to how you hold it – creating an identity as unique as your own.

Give someone a pen as unique as they are this Christmas (Source)

Luxury gift #2


These exquisite cork notebooks from Nomess are enough to inspire anyone to write or draw something beautiful.

The unique design catches eyes and turn heads, but the stunning cork cover is also wonderfully tactile to hold.

Between the covers the paper is heavy enough for sketching and the books are available in a choice of four colours and two sizes.

Luxury gift #3


For those struggling to keep all their stationery in order we recommend these Penco storage caddies.

These lovely containers are available in a selection of vibrant colours. Stack them up on top of each other and carry them by the handle to ensure everything stays just where it should be.

Because Christmas doesn’t always have to be messy.

The Day after Christmas by Mark Lancelot Symons (Source)

Luxury gift #4


This English language version of the Japanese daily planner from Hobonichi is a phenomenon that just gets bigger and better every year.

The 2019 edition has evolved, as ever, based on customer input and suggestions.

Yet all the new additions have not detracted from what lies at the heart of this planner – the ease with which it can be customised by each individual user.

This is for those for who see organisation is a form of art.

The Hobonichi habit in full effect (Source)

Looking for more stationery present ideas but can’t wait for our next post?

Don’t worry.

Browse our stylish Christmas gift stationery range for more inspiration.


Stylish stationery, designer homewares and even more lovely stationery

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Have a creative Christmas, From all of us at LGC :)