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September 26, 2023

mt Masking Tape is the original ‘washi’ tape from Japan, created by industrial tape manufacturer Kamoi Kakoshi, who celebrate their 100th Anniversary this year. 

The mt collection launched in 2008 after three designers approached Kamoi, presenting them with the Masking Tape Guide Book, which highlighted ways of incorporating masking tape in the home in fun and innovative ways.

Once just an industrial product, masking tape is now put to all sorts of uses by all sorts of people every day. mt Masking Tape can be used for a multitude of purposes - cut & tear, layer up, write & stamp, stick & more...the possibilities are endless! You can decorate small objects such as jam jars, notebooks and pen pots to entire walls and pieces of furniture. From scrapbooking and bullet journalling to gift wrapping and large-scale art installation; mt is for anyone and everyone.

Create a colourful gallery wall:

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to add colour and interest to your walls, consider creating a gallery wall using washi tape. Choose your favourite rolls of mt Masking Tape to frame and highlight your most loved photos and artwork. 


image credit: @thecraftedlife

Give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life:

If you have a plain piece of furniture that is a bit tired looking, washi tape is a quick and easy solution. Apply mt Masking Tape in strips or create your own design in varying colours and designs to make your furniture pop! Revitalise a stool or customise your storage boxes to inject some personality into your home.

Embellish the pages of your bullet journal:

Simply tear off your favourite washi tape and us it to stick down photos in your journal for a scrapbook-look. Don’t be afraid to layer-up the tape and mix and match colours to create your own background. Colour-code your diary using mt Masking Tape and play around with it to create impactful headers and boarders.

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Collage with mt Masking Tape

mt Masking Tape is the perfect tool for collaging and we love how Naomi Vona uses washi tape to restore old photos and transform memories into colourful pieces of art. 

(photo credit: @mariko_koda)

image credit: @mariko_koda

image credit: @mariko_koda

It’s time to party!

If you’re planning a party, mt Masking Tape is a must-have! Create your own party hats and garlands, wrap presents in washi tape and create a feature wall to transfrom a space.

image credit: @mariko_koda

image credit: @mariko_koda

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