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About Us

Founded in 1973, London Graphic Centre’s mission has remained unchanged; supporting artists and creatives of all kinds at all stages of their journey by providing high quality material that they can afford. 

As a team of artists, we have honed our skills and experience through years of practice and collaboration. Our knowledge coupled with decades of partnerships with top local and international brands, enable us to offer a comprehensive range of products and reel insightful advice.

What are the rules we live by?

Working with the best

Our team has spent years researching, testing, and sourcing the best art material, stationery, and design products from the world’s best brands. But also from skilled passionate makers you’ve never heard of.

Committed to artists

At the heart of London Graphic Centre  is a commitment to help artists to bring their creative vision to life. Whether it is with quality material or by sharing our knowledge, we are proud to have built a unique community that goes beyond London.

Supporting students

Embrace experimentation

Creativity thrives on experimentation, so we are not afraid to try new things and take risks. This is how breakthrough ideas are born after all, right? Our store is constantly evolving, and we always try to stay relevant and keep up with our community.

Reinforce sustainability

We are taking a number of steps to embrace sustainability, including sourcing products and brands  that are committed to provide conscious products made with the latest technologies. We are also working on  reducing our energy consumption, recycling materials, and educating our staff and customers on the importance of sustainability. We believe that by working together and making small changes in our daily practices, we can make a big difference in protecting the planet for future generations.

Caring for our team

Most of our team members are practising artists who use our products. Their expertise and deep understanding of what’s needed to enable anyone to get started or pursue their creative journey is something that we nurture.

Offering the best prices

50 years of partnership with all the best brands out there gives us access to their support, which means we can support you in return with amazing prices.


With our key location in central London, we have worked with institutions such as the British Museum or the Royal Academy of Arts and more. We also have collaborated with a variety of artists, further supporting the community that we are proud to support.

Students are often at the beginning of their journeys and we are here to support them every step of the way. We regularly collaborate with UAL, and other schools across the country. We offer 15% off for students to help them get started or top up on their favourite products.

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Customer Service Team:

020 7759 4500 (international +44 20 7759 4500)

Covent Garden Store:

020 7759 4550 (international +44 20 7759 4550)

Store hours

Our Covent Garden Store is open 10am - 7:30pm, Monday - Saturday and 11:30am - 5:30pm Sunday.

VAT registration number

 GB 251 8205 24

Registered address

Ryman House
Savoy Road, Crewe
Cheshire, CW1 6NA

Registered Number: 06062021

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