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During this time, we have found new ways to connect with our community, campaigns being one of those things. We recently ran #thisismyhappyart asking our community to show us what has made them happy during this time through art. We spoke to a few of the people that took part in this campaign about their entries and what art means to them.

First up we have Megan:

Aesthetic and creating a mood is something that’s very important to me and my art practice. Growing up I’ve always been a dreamer. I would always seek inspiration from glamorous Hollywood films and I have always assured myself that I too will live an extraordinary life. Moving to London and starting my illustration business was my first stepping stone on my long and winding pathway to living that life. During this quarantine time I feel that it has been very easy to focus on what we all can't do or what we all can’t have-however I’ve been trying to focus on how incredibly lucky I am and instead of feeling blue I have put my energy into being creative. I have been illustrating objects that fuel my glamorous-creating a little mini-series for myself. After all I’ve found that it really is the little things in life that can evoke great joy.


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We also spoke to Yara about her piece:

I saw a video on YouTube titled “The drawing advice that changed my life” a few days before quarantine started. It actually did change my life, or at least my lockdown. In response to it, I decided to draw more often and see what happens. When the full lockdown started taking place in my city, I found myself feeling okay being inside simply because I loved the time I spent painting.

In this piece, I thought back to the characters I wanted to be friends with when I was younger. With every line I drew, I felt a sense of peace and comfort that brought a bit of light to my day. Prior to this paining my relationship with creativity was not at its best, but allowing myself to explore painting and drawing more freely during this time has brought so much relaxation to an uncertain time. It really did feel like my happy art.  

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Lorena's piece was certainly different using her skateboard as her canvas.

The creation of this piece took me to a happy place, recreating my own galaxy with bright colours and a few elements that have a powerful meaning to me, but at the same time maintaining a harmonic composition to fit the canvas; in this case a skateboard.

Like many people, during this difficult period I have been struggling with mental health difficulties due to the uncertainty of the situation, isolation, and not being around my loved ones, making me experience a foreign and unknown state of mind. Art has been what has kept me going during this situation and has made me enjoy every moment and every step of the creation of the pieces, taking me to a happier and healthier place. 

Art is and will always be a way to escape from reality, to explore what’s inside you, and a way to express your own emotions and feelings.


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This is Joy's happy art

Why? Why is this piece more ‘happy’ than others? My first thought was obviously because it’s plants! Yes I do love plants and the lush green of banana leaves does make me feel like I am on holiday in the sunny Caribbean! But that’s not it! What make this piece so special to me (and just to me) is the time I spent on it, not the actual 10 hours, which weren’t all sunshine but the process. It’s about trying something new, struggling and then succeeding! That kind of progress is one of the most rewarding feelings I know. Just that tiny moment when it ‘clicks’ and something which you’ve been trying to understand for so long, makes sense.

The fact that I get so excited about improving and learning is what keeps me going, what makes me want to draw every single moment of the day. Sounds very dramatic but it is pure happiness to me!

When the corona virus came, except from leaving the UK & living back home in Switzerland working from home, not much changed, but something essential did.Not being able to see friends and be social, had a huge impact on me. Because the first time in my life I didn’t have to decide between two things I love: making art and spending time with friends. Suddenly that pressure was gone! So what art means to me didn’t change at all, I still enjoy everything about creating as much as I did before, but there was one element missing: guilt.


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Nicky talks about how her art has developed during lockdown.

Art during lock down has been my absolute saviour. I took up acrylic paint pouring not only to keep me busy but to also occupy my mind and it definitely has done the trick. This piece was the first piece I actually created, the colours used are the colour scheme for my soon to purchase new house, I wanted to make a piece for my living area and have now ended up creating more pieces and listing them on Etsy.

I use acrylics and art resin to create abstract paint pours that do not necessarily depict or create a particular image but rather to create enjoyment from the colour, pattern, line and composition.

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