Illustration with Fall Into London

We recently spoke to Illustrator Eleni (@fallintolondon) on her career so far and how she got to where she is today. We have worked with Eleni on various occassions from workshops, to content and blogs. Eleni has worked with big brands for example Dior, Michael Kors and Kate Spade to name a few. You can find this conversation on our Instagram highlights also. We look forward to working with her again when we can safely do so.

How long have you been illustrating for?

I’ve been illustrating my entire life, but I’ve been doing it professionally for about 10 years.

What made you realise that your calling was to be an artist?

I guess I always knew that I’d do something creative from the time that I was young as I always loved fashion and drawing and even had my own ‘fashion collection’, so I’m not really surprised that this is what I ended up doing!

How did you learn your techniques?

The techniques really vary depending on the products that I’m using as watercolour is so different compared to when using ink.

What are your favourite products?

My favourite products are my Winsor and Newton watercolour set that I’ve been using forever, India ink, paintbrushes and fine liner pens.

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Do you have a favourite project that you have worked on?

Hmmm well that’s a tricky one to answer as I love all of the projects that I’ve worked on and I always joke that it’s funny that I always seem to get the projects that I love the most. So I’m sorry, I can’t answer that!

What are your thoughts on art as a form of therapy?

For me, art really is a form of therapy, it helped me through a very tricky time in life about a year ago and without even realising it, you just stay present when you create something. It can transport you into a different state of mind because by being present, you’re not thinking about the past or the future, you’re literally giving your thinking mind a break which is beneficial in terms of keeping a healthy mind-set and healthy life.