DHL Worldwide Delivery

Fast, Secure and Reliable - Worldwide Delivery - The easiest way to send your parcel anywhere in the world.

In order to offer customers a courier service to send parcels securely around the world or within the UK we now have our very own DHL service point at London Graphic Centre. There are 3 easy steps to sending your documents and parcels from DHL Service Point at London Graphic Centre:

  • 1. Pop into our London Graphic Centre Store
  • 2. Pack your parcel using one of our free boxes
  • 3. Pay for your delivery in store.

  • DHL Service Point's delivery prices are determined by the box size you choose, there are 7 size categories, making it easy to check exactly how much it will cost to send your parcel. Select the best FREE DHL packaging size for your parcel and then pack away.

    Box Size
    Sizes and Max Recommended Weights
    United Kingdom
    Europe (EU)
    Europe (Non EU)
    USA, Canadan Mexico
    Rest of World
    27 x 35 x 2cm Up to 0.5kg e.g. Documents/CD's £7.95 £26.95 £28.95 £30.95 £38.95
    38 x 18 x 10cm Up to 1.5kg e.g. Phone, Camera £13.95 £34.95 £36.95 £37.95 £49.95
    34 x 32 x 10cm Up to 3kg e.g. Books, Diaries £15.95 £38.95 £39.95 £40.95 £57.95
    34 x 32 x 18cm Up to 7kg e.g. Shoes, Laptop £16.95 £45.95 £49.95 £55.95 £78.95
    34 x 32 x 34cm Up to 12kg e.g. Box Files, Handbag £19.95 £67.95 £79.95 £89.95 £138.95
    42 x 36 x 37cm Up to 18kg e.g. Clothes, Hard Drive £21.95 £88.95 £104.95 £109.95 £172.95
    48 x 40 x 39cm Up to 25kg e.g. Small Printer £23.95 £105.95 £119.95 £125.95 £199.95

    Prices include VAT where applicable. While London Graphic Centre is 7 days a week for dropping parcels off, DHL couriers only collect Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). DHL transit times apply from the day the courier collects from the DHL Service Point and the latest drop-off times are available from the store. The estimated transit times are to major destinations and are provided as a guide only. All parcels are subject to security / Customs inspections. Some goods to destinations outside the EU may be subject to Customs duties and taxes, payable by the receiver. The receiver will be required to pay such taxes or duty prior to, on or after delivery.

    Please note that some items may be prohibited or restricted and that parcels to Russia cannot be sent.