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In 1931, Freddy Brown opened his one-man business repairing luxury cars from his garage in Surrey. Using his skills, he moved into a manufacturing facility in Bisley. Undertaking contracts for wartime defence, he begins to create the first containers to be airdropped by parachutes during the war; for this work he receives several Ministry of Defence commendations. After the war and still having his manufacturing facility, Brown begins to take on Office Supply contracts, and the rest is history. Now a global brand, Bisley has sold over 2 million products worldwide - many of which are the original models still in use.

Although their product range has expanded beyond just drawers to desks, chairs and industrial storage the original multi drawer storage unit remains a classic. Enjoyed worldwide in offices and homes, the classic multi-drawer is robust and compact fitting into any space to add a burst of colour and style. In 2017, The Furniture Makers' Company awards Bisley's multi-drawer with the Design Guild Mark to acknowledge its enduring appeal and status as a piece of British design.