What is System3 Fluid Acrylic?
March 24, 2022

We are incredibly excited to launch the fantastic Daler-Rowney System3 Fluid Acrylic at London Graphic Centre. In this blog post we will take you through using System3 Fluid Acrylic and it's uses and applications.

Discover System3 Fluid Acrylic.

What is System3 Fluid Acrylic?

The latest addition to the System3 family, Fluid Acrylic has a thinner consistency, so that it is easier to apply and spread without compromising the intensity of the colour. A great addition to the System3 range, allowing for more creativity to flow!

How can it be applied?

It is an incredibly adaptable media that can be suited to you and your craft and still provide the highest quality. It can be applied with materials such as brushes, knives and simply through pouring. System3 Fluid Acrylic is the best option for use within watercolour applications also such as wet on wet and wet on dry. It mixes incredibly well, with strong colour intensity built in the colour, separates less and it is less granular than other brands.

  • It can be poured, puddled, dropped and dragged
  • It can be layered and glazed
  • It can be mixed with texture paste or other mediums and gels 
  • It can be mixed with Daler-Rowney mediums to create traditional fluid art techniques 
  • It doesn’t need to be diluted with water for immediate application

Michael Corr, 'Francis Bacon' mural at London Graphic Centre

What surfaces can it be used on?

It is also versatile in the range of surfaces it can be applied to such as canvas, paper, murals and textiles. Allowing you to explore your creativity further without compromising on individuality or preferred surface.

What is the pigment like?

System3 Fluid has an intense pigment load, meaning that a little certainly goes a long way. As a result it is great for brushing and staining. No consistency is lost unlike if you were to dilute System3 Acrylic or Heavy Body.

What is the consistency like?

The consistency is in between System3 Acrylic and System3 Ink, creating a flexible body that can spread easily whilst still allowing control. The fluid consistency allows for vast flexibility such as loading a brush more evenly, brushstrokes are more uniform and you can experiment with long painting strokes without having to reload the brush.

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