Collage your own mini dream room with Collage Club
July 02, 2020

While IRL workshops aren't on the cards anytime soon due to Covid-19, Collage Club has put together this cut-and-paste challenge for you to try at home.

Collage Club is a workshop series celebrating the art of cutting and sticking. Embracing hands-on techniques and using scissors as a drawing tool. Collage Club is perfect for anyone keen to flex their creative muscles and have some fun.

While IRL workshops aren’t on the cards anytime soon due to Covid-19, Collage Club has put together this cut and paste challenge for you to try at home. Using simple materials, you can make your own mini dream room!

What you'll need


Take one A4 piece of thick paper and fold it in half. Use any colour you like!

Make two even cuts up from the folded edge about 3-4cm in length.

Open the paper back up and pull the rectangular shape you’ve made through to form a box shape as pictured below.

This simple pop-up will form the base of your 3D room.

Fold and form the box shape

Find imagery in magazines of furniture and home accessories you like. If you can’t find the perfect sofa, collage your own using colourful card.

As well as furniture, you’ll also need artwork to cover the back wall. Search for tiny images of painting you like in magazines, or cut and paste your own mini masterpieces. Again, use coloured card to make frames for the imagery you find. To create depth, attach some of them to your paper wall using sticky fixers.

Collect and create objects to dress your interior with

Start assembling your room. Make sure your sofa is wider and higher than the pop out box you have made. If the paper feels slightly flimsy, you can back it with paper or card to make it sturdier.

Dress your room. Start with the sofa like this.

Use Pritt Stick to glue your pieces in place. Slowly build up the back wall with shelves, cabinets and your miniature artworks. Find brightly patterned paper to create a rug for the floor. You can create 3D shelves by cutting rectangles of card and folding them lengthways. Cut one half so it resembles mini brackets, then use a small amount of glue to attach to the wall.

Keep adding your objects on the backwall and floor.

Once you have all your elements glued in place, you can make a mini coffee table!

Cut two circles out of contrasting coloured card, make one circle slightly smaller than the other, then glue the two together.

Next cut a length of card and make small cuts along one of the long edges to create little tabs.

Glue the two ends together to form a loop, then dab each tab with glue and attach it to the bottom of your circles.

Voila! You can also make a plant pot using the same loop and tab technique.

Easy coffee table shape

If there are any pieces you want to be freestanding, create little tabs from card. You can see the tab on the back of a lamp in the image below. We also used small tabs on the white chair and the fruit bowls attached to the table to make them stand up nicely.

L-shaped tabs will help freestanding objects stay upright

Add all of your paper accessories to your pop-up scene and you’re done!

Finished! Remember to take lots of pictures and to share with us!

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