Christmas treats for tech and design lovers
December 04, 2018

The design-conscious are (perhaps) the most difficult to please people of all when it comes to choosing presents.
We're here to help...

The design-conscious is, perhaps, the most difficult to please people of all when it comes to choosing presents.

After all, someone who only allows one colour of baubles on their tree is going to be very particular about their style.
How can mere mortals such as us choose a gift that will satisfy their sense of style, exquisite taste and refined appreciation of the finer points of the latest tech?

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of some of the best design-led gifts and iconic style statements that even the pickiest of designers will love.
Here’s how you can learn to stop worrying and start to love buying gifts for the designer in your life.

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To make things even easier we’ve chosen our top four design gifts below – but you can find plenty more inspirational presents lovingly organised for you online.

Designer gift #1

Designed by Pauline Deltour, this beautiful Lexon FINE Bluetooth Speaker looks as good as it sounds.

To up the volume, you simply rotate the speaker and the compact design and rechargeable battery makes this ideal for those who crave sound and style when they’re on the move. And who knows, even the heavens may dance with you this Christmas.

Designer gift #2

These Splash Tea Towels from Nomess are the epitome of style: vibrant yet simple tea towels that come in a choice of bright colour combinations with a playful design.

We love the way they add joy and a touch of humour to even the dreariest of household tasks – after all, there’s always plenty of washing-up on Christmas Day that your designer can use these on!

The repetitive pattern is scaled in two sizes and creates a dynamic texture on each finest cotton towel’s surface. Flip the tea towel over and the pattern looks very different on the reversed side, which creates a surprising element we know Mr or Ms Aesthete will just adore.

Designer gift #3

These beautifully designed mugs from the iconic Pantone brand are the ideal gift for any design enthusiast.

We’ve heard it said that tea tastes better when drunk from a china mug that has your favourite colour emblazoned over the front. There are 18 different colours available – just make sure you don’t pick the wrong one!

Designer gift #4

Of course, your design focused and eco-conscious friend would never be seen with a plastic bag, but not just any reusable bag will do.

This LOQI Museum Shopping Bag contains the enigmatic, knowing smile of La Gioconda, but it’s not all style over substance. It folds into the smallest of packets and can be tucked away at the bottom of even the smallest handbag or man-bag, for that matter!

So, now they can shop till they drop while still making a style statement that has stood the test of time.

And if you need a few more stylish gifts why not see what other design goodies we have on offer?

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In our next posts, we’ll be helping you place something under the tree for the lover of stationery.

In the meantime, why not fall in love with our other Christmas gifts?
You won’t have to travel far!
Take a look and get Christmas wrapped up today.

Have a creative Christmas!
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