About London Graphic Centre

We are plenty

We have been serving the UK's design and arts communities since 1973. Times have certainly changed a lot since then. Our shop opened its doors to a UK suffering from three-day weeks, a miners' strike, problems at the petrol pumps and frequent power cuts.

But even in 1973's time of scarcity our aim was always to provide plenty: a treasure trove of products, masses of inspiration, advice and help on tap and a seemingly endless choice of supplies.

We are passion

Times may have changed but our essential values haven't. What we do, why we do it and who we do it for has remained the same for 45 years.

Here's what we do:

We make exploring, discovering and buying the best creative supplies and design-led stationery easy for professionals, hobbyists and students. And we make it a pleasure because we all share your passion.

Graphic designers, architects, artists, fashionistas, enthusiasts and students love us because we understand exactly what they need. We try our hardest to ensure the tools that spark their creativity are always available instore and online.

And we love all our passionate customers because they keep us on our toes with requests for the latest on-trend or specialist studio supplies. Please don't stop helping us move with the times.

We are convenient

In the heart of Covent Garden lies our Aladdin's Cave of tools and materials for the art and design community. Our unparalleled range stocks the best there is from across the globe: from invaluable specialist items that are otherwise hard to source to great value, everyday essentials at a price that's hard to beat.

Our online store mirrors our retail space. Together with our mail order service it connects us with the wider artistic community across the UK (and beyond). We'll deliver same-day to London, next-day across the UK and to most overseas locations. You can also click and collect from our flagship store or from over 200 Ryman stores across the UK.

We are experts

We are much more than a shop: we're very much a part of the community we serve. Our own brand products are lovingly created to offer exactly what you tell us you need. And our own inhouse team of experts are always on hand to take feedback and give advice.

Drop in for a chat, you can also email us on [email protected], call 020 7759 4500, or get social with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

We are London Graphic Centre

And we're proud of who we are and what we do.

But do tell us if we could do it better!