Speedball Screen-Printing Kits
The iconic Fantastic discounts on Screen Printing Kits - Up to 30% off.
Speedball Oil Based Block Printing Ink Set
Perfect for printing onto paper, fabric or wood.
Speedball Oil Based Block Printing Ink 75ml
Oil-based printing ink specially made for block printing.
Speedball Water Soluble 8oz Screen Printing Ink
Watersoluble permanent acrylic ink, for use on papers and woods.
Speedball Water Soluble Block Printing Ink 150ml
Full bodied, water-soluble inks offering bold opaque colour.
Speedball Rollers
Soft and hard rollers for block printing in various sizes.
Speedball Screen Printing Mediums & Fluids
Mediums and mixers for screen printing. Includes photo emulsion.
Speedball Artists' Pen Sets
Pen sets with different nibs for lettering, calligraphy, sketching and mapping.
Speedball Yellow Detail Paper
Light tracing paper, recommended for engineers, architects and students.
Speedball Acrylic Ink Starter Set
Ink starter set ideal for screen printing on paper, cardboard and wood.
Speedball Wooden Graphics Squeegee
Square-edged neoprene synthetic rubber blade. 70 durometer hardness.
Speedball Screen Printing Frames
Smooth hardwood frame. Screen fabric can be tightened and replaced.