Contains all Pantone Formula Guides, Colour Bridges and CMYK guides.
PANTONE Formula Guide Coated/Uncoated
Two-guide set with 1,867 colours including the new 112 PANTONE colours.
4 colour process colours on coated and uncoated stock.
PANTONE Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated
All in two binders with perforated chips. Now with 112 brand new colours.
PANTONE Complete Reference Library
Complete set of the most up to date PANTONE Fan Guides and chip books.
PANTONE Metallic Chips Coated
Original PANTONE metallic colours. 301 metallic colours on coated stock.
PANTONE Solid Colour Set
Fan guide and chip formats with 112 brand new colours!
PANTONE Colourbridge Set Coated & Uncoated
PANTONE to CMYK comparison now with 112 brand new colours!
PANTONE Fashion Home Interior Specifier & Guide
Contains the most up to date 2,310 fashion, home + interiors colours.
PANTONE Chip Pages and Swatches
Chips, swatches and pages for PANTONE Plus, Fashion & Plastics.
PANTONE Solid Guide Set
A comprehensive collection of all solid and special effects colours.
PANTONE Pastels & Neons Chips
155 pastels and 56 neons in a chip format on coated and uncoated paper.
PANTONE Fashion Home Interiors Cotton Passport
Accordian style booklet with all 2100 Fashion+Home Colours.
PANTONE Portable Studio Guide
Includes the Formula Guide & Colour Bridge guides and many others.
PANTONE Fashion Home Interiors Paper Fan Guide
The most up to date 2,310 fashion, home + interiors colours.
PANTONE Supplements
112 new PANTONE colours to top up the older Pantone guides.