Montana Gold SHOCK Spray Paint
A simplified selection of the strongest density colours.
Montana Gold CLASSIC Spray Paint
Chosen for their opacity and colour impact.
Montana Gold PROCESS Spray Paint
Yellow, Cyan and Magenta
Spray paint that glows under UV light.
Montana CHROME EFFECT Spray Paint
The metal effect sprays in the range.
Montana WHITE Spray Paint
Glossy synthetic all-purpose spray paint.
Montana Spray Chalk
Eco-friendly spray chalk ideal for temporary and studio work.
Montana EFFECT Sprays
Nightglow, Crackle, Granite, Glitter and Marble effects.
Montana GOLD Primers and Varnishes
Compatible with Montana Gold Spray Paints.
Montana Caps
Replacement spray can caps that spray different widths.
Montana NIGHTGLOW Luminescence
Glow in the dark Montana spray paint.
Montana GLITTER EFFECT Spray Silver
Translucent paint with silver coloured glitter particles.