Frisk Bristol Board Pads
Extra smooth double sided Bristol board pad. 280gsm with 20 sheets.
Screen Printing Kits
Everything that you need to print on fabric paper cardboard.
Speedball Lino Rollers
A selection of hard and soft rubber rollers and foam rollers
Frisk C-Trace Tracing Paper Pad
Fine quality extra smooth tracing paper. Weight favoured by draughtsmen.
Speedball Water Soluble Screen Printing Ink
Acrylic screen-printing ink, for use on paper, wood and cardboard.
Screen Printing Mediums
Specialist screen printing mediums for use with screen printing inks and kits.
Speedball Oil Based Block Printing Ink
Specially made for block printing on many different surfaces.
Speedball Wooden Printing Squeegee
For screen printing use on paper, cardboard and wood.
Speedball Screen Printing Frame
Smooth hardwood frame. 12xx multifilament screen - 120tpi.
Milliput Epoxy Putty
Milliput is an excellent adhesive sets under water and heat resistant up to 130C.
X-Acto Knives & Blades
Knives that have been synonymous with precision cutting for nearly 100 years.
Tracedown Paper
A unique quick and easy way to transfer images onto paper, canvas or board.
Ghiant Varnish20 Water-Based Varnish
90% Less solvents. For maximum protection of acrylic and oil paintings.
Lightweight Wooden Drawing Board
Double sided lightweight pine drawing boards.
Coverseal Self-Adhesive Roll
Self-adhesive gloss and matt laminating films for covering books and paper.
Tervakoski Detail Paper Rolls
Ultra-lightweight, 25gsm detail paper ideal for large working drawings