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Pentel Pentel

Pentel has been producing some of the worlds favourite writing and drawing instruments for over 50 years. The products include a huge range of pens, pencils, markers and correction fluid pens.

Pentel are responsible for the development and research behind two-thirds of the worlds writing instruments.

If there are any Pentel products that you can't find listed here just call us on 020 7759 4500 and we'll be able to source them for you.

Pens Pentel Pens

Pentel have a huge range of pens available. Their pens focus on performance, quality, reliability and value for money. The pens can be broken into the categories below:

Markers Pentel Markers

Pentel have a huge range of versatile markers that are known for their excellent quality. The products within this range can be applied to almost any surface. From permanent markers to dry wipe markers and liquid chalk markers. These are broken into five groups:

Technical Pencils

Automatic pencil technology is Pentel's speciality. The range of mechanical pencils on offer means that there's a pencil suitable for everyone. Whether you're a professional, hobbyist or student.

Refill Leads
Pentel has been researching and developing their Super Hi-Polymer lead for more than four decades. The result has been a lead that has a high resistance to breakage and rich in colour.
Usually the hard grades of leads such as H and 2H are more difficult to draw however the Pentel Hi-Polymer lead remains smooth.
Each pack contains 12 leads, they fit the Pentel technical drawing pencils.

Correction Pentel Correction Pens
Pentel have developed the very first valve-controlled correction pens. The thin metal tip and special correction fluid formula allows for easy, accurate use with no mess.
A low-odour correction pen that's perfect for use in schools and offices.