A collaboration with It's Nice That

We've joined forces with It's Nice That on a project to champion brilliant creatives and artists.The #LGCBillboard is on display in our flagship Covent Garden store and is an ongoing project to celebrate brilliant visual talent in the heart of the London Graphic Centre, showing what happens when creative brilliance and the right materials come together.

For our Winter billboard, we've picked our first artist from outside of London, Toni Halonen. Having seen his incredible and bright work for Kenzo and Nokia we couldn't wait to see what he produced. The final work is a colourful and bold scene of a creative group of friends, hard at work.

Working in bright and bold colours, often acrylic, the final piece was produced using a Wacom.

Speaking about the finished work, Toni says ""I hope it makes someone come out there with bags full of paints and brushes and an eager mind to make their own art," he says. "It would be awesome to inspire someone to start painting." and we couldn't agree more.

Read more about Toni's process on It's Nice That.

The amazing Osma Harvilhati has produced a video taking a look into Toni's work and his inspiration.:

You can see the billboard in place in our Covent Garden store and take home a postcard of the unique commissioned work.

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