A collaboration with It's Nice That

We've joined forces with It's Nice That on a new project to championing leading London-based artists.The #LGCBillboard is on display in our flagship Covent Garden store and will be an ongoing project to celebrate brilliant London-based visual talent in the heart of the London Graphic Centre, showing what happens when creative brilliance and the right materials come together.

For the first piece, we commissioned the brilliant Jean Jullien, a super talented illustrator who mixes technical skill and sly, funny ideas, perfect to be let loose on this exciting new showcase.


Jean says: "I use a black ink brush pen for the drawing – always the same one – sometimes I also use graph paper for lettering and tracing paper for shading. I scan it and colour it all in on the computer – it's much more flexible this way."

Click to see Brush Pens and Tracing paper like Jean Jullien uses for his work.

You can see the billboard in place in our Covent Garden store and take home a postcard of the unique commisioned work.