A collaboration with It's Nice That

We've joined forces with It's Nice That on a project to champion brilliant creatives and artists.The #LGCBillboard is on display in our flagship Covent Garden store and is an ongoing project to celebrate brilliant visual talent in the heart of the London Graphic Centre, showing what happens when creative brilliance and the right materials come together.

For our Spring billboard, we looked to Berlin and the incredible illustrative talents of 44Flavours. For this time of year, when students are getting ready to make their moves into the professional world, we tasked them with creating an inspiring Wall of Wisdom, words of advice from established professionals to guide them into the next stage of their careers.

Advice from Nelly Ben Hayoun, Erik Kessels, Stefan Sagmeister, Malika Favre, Tom Hulme, James Victore, Mr Bingo, Sarah Illenberger has been turned into a stunning typographical piece which can be seen printed in enormous size in our Covent Garden Store.

Speaking the process behind the work, 44Flavours co-founder Julio Rölle said "I loved it right away and thought of doing something with paint directly on paper, without a pencil sketch that you could correct, like in real life. No Apple Z! It reminded me of the times when I do my own work – if you make a mistake you have to find a creative solution. With the quotes it's the same; if you forget a letter or you make a misspelling, you have to find a way to recover it (unless you want to start from scratch)."

Each quotation has been turned into a beautiful postcard that you can pick up for free in store, with bundled sets of all 8 postcards also available.

Read more about the billboard on It's Nice That.

You can see the billboard in place in our Covent Garden store.

Pick up one of eight postcards of the work in store today.

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