Here at London Graphic Centre we stock the full range of up-to-date PANTONE guides as well as replacement chip pages, Fashion and Home, and Plastic Guides.

PANTONE Plus Fan Guides

PANTONE colour, Full range of Pantone colours. Formula Guide

PANTONE Plus Chip Books

PANTONE colour, Pantone colour chart in colour sample format.


PANTONE colours, Colour chart for fabric, colour schemes for dyes

Pantone Mugs

Fine bone china mugs in a wide range of Pantone colours you love

Pantone Drinking Bottles

Keep hydrated with this lightweight, see-through bottle.

Pantone Steel Drinking Bottles

Eye catching durable bottles with an ample capacity of 630 ml.

Pantone Hip Flasks

Pantone hip flasks will keep your drinks safe at hand.

PANTONE Chip Pages and Swatches

Chips, swatches and pages for PANTONE Plus, Fashion & Plastics ranges.

Pantone Key Chains

Keep organized with this clean-cut nylon key chain.

Pantone Note Pads

Get creative when you scribble down your notes.