At London Graphic Centre we know the importance of being precise. Whether you're measuring in metric or imperial you'll find all the equipment you need right here including set squares, rulers, french and flexible curves.

Mechanical & Clutch Pencils

Technical drawing pencils with replaceable leads for creating consistent lines.


Compasses for pencil and pen. Extension bars also available.

Rotring Isographs & Rapidographs

Refillable ink pens for illustration and graphics.

Rulers & Measuring

Rulers, scale rules and measuring tapes.

Set Squares

Fixed and adjustable set squares for drawing and measuring right angles.


Plastic measuring and drawing aids available in semi and full-circle makes.

Flexible Curves

Repositionable drawing aid for adding curves to drawings.

French Curves

Fixed-shape drawing aid for adding curves to drawings and illustrations.

Stencils & Templates

Drawing aids for drawing letters, geometric and other shapes.

T Squares

Technical drawing aid for cutting and drawing right angles and straight lines.

Beam Compasses

Beam compasses for drawing very large circles.


Enlarges and duplicates your drawings.

Proportional Dividers

Professional quality proportional dividers.

Tervakoski Detail Paper
Drawing Boards
Polydraw Pads
Pigma Archival Drawing Pens