At London Graphic Centre, we offer a huge range of materials to work with. Whether you're designing, creating or displaying, you'll find a great range of high quality products at great prices right here.

Mount Board

Mount Board for framing and mounting artwork.

Canford Coloured Paper & Card

Papers and card for crafting and drawing.

Adhesive & Masking Films

Glossy or matte film for protecting or masking artwork.

Tracing Paper & Detail Paper

Translucent tracing paper & detail paper in pads and rolls for drawing.

Bristol Board Sheets

Smooth white surface perfect for illustrations

Graph Paper

Metric and imperial graph paper in single sheets.

Architects Blanks

Architectural blanks available in single sheets (A1) or Pads (A3-A2).


A geometric paper used to design, create and visualise 3D prototypes.

Eskaboard Uncoated Board

Cardboard for modelling and craft uses.


Thin & smooth paper. Air & water resistant. Used for protecting artwork.

Sugar Paper

Tough coarse paper with unfinished surface. Perfect for craft projects

Mirror Card

Reflective card for craft and modelling uses.

Diacel Clear Acetate

Transparent diacetate available in single sheets or rolls.

Coloured Acetate

Transparent coloured acetate for crafting and modelling.

Coloured Paper Rolls

Rolls of paper ideal for displays, backing, poster boards & more.

Purlfrost Window Film

Adhesive film for adding frosted texture to glass.

Coloured Self Adhesive Vinyl

Opaque, coloured adhesive vinyl available in single sheets or rolls.

Gerprint Polypropylene Sheets

Frosted or clear single sheets of polypropylene.

Tissue Paper

Light, thin tissue paper in a variety of colours.

Sunography Paper

Light sensitive surface, just expose to sunlight.


Tinted, glossy cellulose film for art and crafts.

Cork Roll

3mm thick cork suitable for a wide range of craft and hobby projects

Soho Printer Paper
Tracedown Paper
Pads and Sketchbooks
Artoz Paper, Card & Envelopes
Speedball detail paper