With big brand names including Sellotape, Scotch and Washi our selection of tapes will have you covered. Archival, Clear, Coloured and Construction tape also available.

Washi Tape

Japanese masking tape for scrapbooking, gift-wrapping and home-d├ęcor.

Double-Sided Tape

Versatile tapes, adhesive on both sides, great for mounting work.


An all purpose tape that has been around for over 70 years

Masking Tape and Gumstrip

White, coloured masking tapes and Gumstrip, essential kit for any artists.

Coloured Gaffer Tape

Great range of coloured tapes for craft and professional use.

Glow in the Dark and Reflective Tapes

Tapes that react with the light, glow in the dark, reflective and holographic.

Construction Tape

Tapes used in building including electrical, heat resistant and hazard tapes.