Screen Printing Inks

Inks formulated for screen printing. For fabric, paper, cardboard & wood.

Screen Printing Frames & Squeegees

Wooden frames and squeegees for screen printing at home.

Screen Printing Mediums & Fluids

Mediums and mixers for screen printing. Includes photo emulsion.

Screen Printing Sets

Fantastic discounts on Screen Printing Kits - Up to 30% off

Lino Rollers

Quality rollers for block printing in various sizes.

Block Printing Sets

Starter kits containing everything needed to start block printing.

Block Printing Lino and Softcut

Double packs of softcut and standard lino in a selection of sizes

Lino Cutters

Various kits and single lino cutting tools for professionals and students.

Oil Based Block Printing Inks

Thick oil based inks for beautifully deep lino prints

Water Based Block Printing Inks

Waterbased lino printing inks that are easily washable

Stamp Printing Kits

Customise your own stamps with these lettering rubber stamp kits

Ink Pads

Fast drying ink pads in beautifully vivid colours.