Modelling Clays & Putties

Sugru, Fimo, Sculpey, Milliput and more.


Strong thread composed of smaller strands twisted together.

Plasters & Resins

Materials for taking casts and imprints.

Mould Making & Latex

Materials for making casts and moulds.

Modelling Tools

Tools for shaping clay and carving wood.


Add a glittery sparkle to any art and craft projects.

Gilding, Gold Leaf and Imitation Metallic Finishes

Decorative materials for turning solid surfaces into gold and other metals.

Dirty Down Ageing Effects

Translucent, water soluble spray that creates dirty, old and weathered appearances.

Embossing Foils

100% pure metal that's perfect for embossing.

Funky Foam Sheets

Easy to cut. Perfect for art and craft projects.

White Plastic Face Mask

Ready to decorate blank white plastic mask.