Modelling Clays & Putties

Sugru, Fimo, Sculpey, Milliput and more.


Strong thread composed of smaller strands twisted together.

Plasters & Resins

Materials for taking casts and imprints.

Mould Making & Latex

Materials for making casts and moulds.

Modelling Tools

Tools for shaping clay and carving wood.


Add a glittery sparkle to any art and craft projects.

Gilding, Gold Leaf and Imitation Metallic Finishes

Decorative materials for turning solid surfaces into gold and other metals.

Embossing Foils

100% pure metal that's perfect for embossing.

Funky Foam Sheets

Easy to cut. Perfect for art and craft projects.

White Plastic Face Mask

Ready to decorate blank white plastic mask.