Table Easels

Smaller easels for working at a table and displaying smaller paintings.

Sketching Easels

Easels for drawing, painting, watercolour and display use.

Studio Easels

Easels for use with large canvases or boards.


Plastic, wooden and disposable stay-wet palettes.

Spray Varnishes and Fixatives

Sprays for fixing drawings. Varnishes with different applications and finishes.

Erasers, Rubbers & Sharpeners

Putty erasers, lead pointers and electric sharpeners.


Poseable wooden figures for artists reference.

Colour Wheels

Colour guides to help artist and designers choose and mix colours.

Storage Solutions

Store and carry around art materials in these handy storage solutions.


Canvas and PVC aprons for arts and craft use.

Brush Care & Cleaning

Cleaners for brushes and hands. Holders for brush storage.

Masking Tape 25mm x 50m
Layout Pads
Technical Drawing Pencils