The range of pens from Pentel is one to behold. From luxury refillable fountain pens to standard fibre tips they have it all. The Pocket Brush pen is a popular choice, as well as the Sign pen, known as the designers choice.

Pentel Fibre Tip Fountain Pen Black

Performance of a regular fountain pen but it will not flood, blot, leak or dry up.

Pentel Color Pen

The all-round pen for hobbies and leisure. fluent, consistent water-based ink flow.

Pentel Pocket Brush

Permanent black pigment ink pen for broad and fine lines.

Pentel Brush Sign Pens

The designers choice with a brush nib perfect for expressive drawings.

Pentel EnerGel Pens

EnerGel is an ultra-quick drying smudge-proof ink formula.

Pentel Document Pen Black

A fine point, metal tipped pen with fade resistant permanent black ink.

Pentel Sign Pens

The designers choice - Perfect for graphics and illustrations.

Pentel S570 Ultra Fine Pens

The original plastic-tipped fine liner from Pentel with the distinctive orange barrel.

Pentel Permanent Markers

N50 and N60 permanent markers will write on almost any surface.

Pentel Wet Erase Chalk Markers

Handy removable markers that can be used either indoors or outdoors.

White Board Markers

A quality marker pen that can be used on both white boards and porcelain.

Pentel Tradio Stylo Pen

The luxury refillable fountain pen.

Pentel Hybrid Gel Pens

Ideal pens for writing on coloured paper, great for office, home or school