We know how essential a good cartridge pad can be, so we've made sure to stock a great range of pads from A5 all the way up to A2. Each pad features a gumstrip so you can peel out each of your drawings safely.

Cartridge Paper Pads

Smooth acid free paper perfect for sketching with pencil and pen

Heavy Weight Cartridge Paper Pads

Smooth heavy acid free paper, the perfect all-round pad

LGC Cartridge Paper Pads

Smooth mid-weight paper made for sketching and drawing

Fine Grain Cartridge Paper Pads

Midweight paper with a light grain for pencil, brush or drawing pen

Fine Grain Heavyweight Cartridge Paper Pads

Heavy paper with a light grain perfect for pencil, brush or drawing pen

Drawing Pads

lightweight, smooth paper for pencil and fineliner pens

Fine Grain Drawing Pads

Midweight sketching paper with a fine grain perfect for pencil and charcoals

A4 Cartridge Pads
A3 Cartridge Pads